F.PSN Checker by Angeal (Private)

v1.7.7.jpg, Oct 2020

F.PSN Checker by Angeal (Private) v1.7.7

  • Features:
  • PSN Site Checker Unlimited (Without CID)
  • PSN API#2 Unlimited (Without CID and 2Step)
  • PSN Reg Unlimited (Without CID)
  • EA Reg unlimited
  • password filter offline
  • auto update proxy link
  • sending account Hits to your telegram ID
  • save unchecked combo
  • proxy support: HTTP/s - SOCKS5 - SOCKS4

+changelog 1.7.7: (9-10-2020)

  • TOS problem solved
  • some security improvements

  • Price : 500$ monthly
  • Telegram: @MHSanaei

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